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The FEC Network offers a variety of FEC (Family Entertainment Center) business plans, business planning resources and support. The business plan itself is the same in each product - however the services, included materials and support for each product vary.

If you are just looking for an amusement specific fun center business plan, check out the Fun Center Business Plan category.

If you are looking for some hands-on support, guidance and industry coaching, Startup Academy may be a better resource for you.

** DO NOT BE FOOLED  ** by other so-called "Fun Center Plans".  We constantly monitor the web for other sites and their products. If they do not have a TELEPHONE NUMBER that you can call them at, or if you need a secret "password" to login to see something - what are they hiding?  If they can not be reached by any means other than an email address - be suspicious and save your money.

We are available by phone 6 days a week. The FEC Network and our sister sites have been on-line since 1999 and are the trusted amusement resource.

Fun Center Business Plans


Fun Center Business Plan

Amusement specific, fun center business plan. Includes all you need to complete your family entertainment center business plan; industry trends, traffic, revenues, income statements, startup and marketing costs.

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Entreprenuer's Business Plan Package
Get all of the FEC Plan package above, Plus - Get these exclusive business planning tools and resources to help you get through your project plan even faster!....
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Developers Complete FEC Planning Package

The Developers package is designed to be the last place you need to stop in order to complete your full fun center project portfolio. In addition to all of the Entrepreneurs Business Planning package...

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Complete Children's Entertainment Center Business Solution

CEC Business Box is a complete Children's Entertainment Center developers solution. From initial research through completed business plan, layout, design, activity mix and the right indoor playground at the best price. Let our experience guide you with a turn-key service that could put you in the indoor fun center business Fast!

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