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Need some hands-on support and guidance to get started? 

Startup Academy is a step-by-step program to help amusement entrepreneurs research, develop and build their entertainment center project.

NO NEED TO TRAVEL - Startup Academy is delivered direct to you, at your convenience via the web, email and our on-going telephone consultations.

* This Program differs from other FEC Business Plans by providing direct business coaching, mentoring, hands-on, telephone consultation. You can get the same business plan and materials without our direct support under the "Business Planning" tab left.

Step Number One:

Startup Academy Developer - Lets get started.
Materials are emailed direct to your desktop after purchase so you can get to work right away. After you have had a chance to review the materials included;

* 30 page template business plan
* 16 pdf guidebooks
* Full business forms and manuals

Your business coach sets up an initial telephone consultation to further review the above materials, including your project goals, your local market and the industry. Typically lasting 60 minutes or so, this is our initial consultation and offers you a chance to ask any questions and for you and your coach to get on the same page regarding your business goals, the opportunity and a timeline for moving forward within the program.

Step Number Two:

In order to start moving forward, we need to uncover your market opportunity. What kind of amusement attraction best fits your business goals, the local market, your access to funding, and available space within your target market area and demographic age group? We help you find all the resources and data needed to answer these questions, and along with industry specific market data, amusement trends and potential activity mix, so you can start building your fun center business plan.

Startup Academy students can login to the Fun Center Academy website to keep up to date on the amusement business, attractions and activities, and ask questions of your business coach and program mentor. Business webcasts help you stay motivated, learn about the management and operations of an attractions business so you understand the industry, your place within it and how to prepare yourself and your completed business plan for presentation and funding success.

The Academy program is an excellent online business development program that helps you keep focused and motivated while working together to complete your plan (project information is kept strictly confidential during the startup academy program).

Step Number Three:
With a completed business plan in hand, we review your funding options and help you prepare for presentations with potential business partners, funders and amusement suppliers.

The Academy program may not be a best fit for every fun center, amusement attraction or leisure facility project.  Therefore, management reserves the right to determine a good project match. If it should be determined the project and the Startup Academy program are not a good match, the entire purchase price will be refunded promptly.


Startup Academy - Developer

This is a step-by-step modular online and telephone consultation business development program, designed with progress in mind. It includes all of the above Academy materials with explicit hands-on coaching and direct, unlimited telephone support for 6 months. Beyond that, your Academy Developer Program (Fun Center Academy website) membership is good for a full year. Come back and use our resources at any time.

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Startup Academy - Lite

If the complete Startup Academy Developer package is more than what you need, Startup Academy Lite includes our FEC Developer Business Plan package and up to 90 minutes of telephone consultation. 

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Fun Center Floor Plan Drawings

With a completed business plan, make your project presentation polished with the addition of an accurate floor plan and layout. Present your ideas with confidence, get investor buy-in and make presentations for zoning and city hall easier to understand.

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