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About our site

Amusement Hub is the secure eStore for the FEC Network.

The FEC Network Amusement Web Portal includes these Six Primary websites;
  • FEC Network.com
  • Amusement Equipment Directory.com
  • Fun Center Directory.com
  • Family Entertainment Center.com
  • Commercial Lease Property.com
  • Amusement Expo.com
Starting in 1999 with the first few pages of the fecnetwork.com website, we have grown to include the above primary sites, twenty-two secondary sites, over 100 amusement business specific domains and close to 4,500 pages of amusement industry information, resources, partners and affiliates.

If you are starting a new amusement business, adding to, or growing an existing amusement business this is the place to find what you need.

Feel free to call on our expertise and resources.
Thank you for your business.